Joseph Comfort


“Jay” is a career chef and restaurateur.  Beginning his culinary career working under Modern Southwestern genius, Mark Miller, Jay developed an understanding of geography and culture as they relate to food and cuisine.  Respecting sense of place made “farm to fork” an understood concept before it was a buzzword. Through the IRON HORSE, Jay’s vision is to be a reflection of the community that it serves and provide a populist gathering place where guests are always "welcome back".

Russell Stone

General Manager

“Rusty” has been a member of the IRON HORSE staff for over seven years.  After building a foundation of culinary skills in a number of Richmond’s best kitchens, Rusty came to the Center of the Universe and IRON HORSE.  As Sous Chef, then Executive Chef, and ultimately General Manager, Rusty has helped to build the culture and comfortable hospitality that define IRON HORSE. A renaissance restaurateur, Rusty can as likely be found behind the line as in the dining room.